COBO technology in tradition

Technology for the future finds "strength" in tradition

February 2022



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"COBO is a supplier of solutions rather than products": it is the exclusive approach that allows the Group to maintain its positioning over time, as stated in the January 2022 article in the "Brescia Oggi" newspaper. The distinctive character of the company lies precisely in the ability to solve complex processes, to offer a distinctive value-added service: a feature that makes it a strategic partner of its customers, working alongside them for the entire life cycle of the product.


COBO solutions thus become an important influence in customer success: they are the result of the comparison and in-depth analysis of the environment, technologies and field work, to understand the need for specialized sectors and invest in research and development. The know-how for electronic, electromechanical, mechatronic technologies and the related processes are developed internally to create unique innovative solutions, which make it possible to stand out on the market in business transformation and innovation processes. An outlook towards the future characterizes the proactive nature of COBO, which knows how not to undergo market changes but is constantly looking for excellence. Always capable of transforming itself, it is a reference point for innovation and a forerunner of trends, providing the creation of complete custom systems as a distinctive ability.


One of COBO's most ambitious goals is to bring artificial intelligence on the fields to reduce consumption and operating costs, reducing the times in which agricultural vehicle engines keep running on and thus reducing CO2 emissions. For this reason, our company is particularly committed to advanced research for improving machines and tools for this sector. Advanced solutions such as the mechatronic seat with sensor for driver recognition are being tested and partly already provided.


The integrated service and the high quality standards offered by COBO are reinforced by the solidity of the company, which has been operating since 1949, and by the specialized skills developed to support projects in all phases of conception, design, engineering, development and production, as well as assistance in the logistic and technical-administrative area, also through the intense and continuous exchange of knowledge and relationships with universities and research bodies. This allows the company to have high design and production flexibility: it supplies more than four thousand customers, distributed in seventy countries with its own branded products and intellectual property. A global service made possible also by the territorial coverage, supported by the branches in the USA, France, Germany, India, China, Oceania, Brazil and Romania. The success of COBO is determined, not least, by the marked sensitivity in giving value and centrality to people, and by the particular attention to the local territory and sustainability.




From the newspaper “Brescia Oggi” of 23 January 2022 

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From the newspaper “Brescia Oggi” of 10 February 2022 

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