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           VLN (Vision Lane Navigation)



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Enables automatic driving in the lanes of a vineyard



As well as the eyes and the brain in the human being, the VLN COBO system contains the essential elements to be able to acquire images, process them, decide how to behave, have the availability of automatic guidance in the


vineyard lanes without requiring satellite antennas, GPS signals, corrections RTK and other sensors on the machine or in cultivation.





The images are processed by an Artificial Intelligence system, which continues to learn every time the system is used. The system is based on the Digital Twin technique, therefore the tractor, implement, farm and cultivation are initially digitalised, then each use becomes a physical test to improve performance.



The system does not require the GPS signal and the relative RTK corrections to have the necessary precision, nor the addition of lidar, radar, ultrasound sensors to allow navigation within the narrow lanes of the vineyards.


The operator can count on the autoguiding of the VLN assistance for automatic and safe driving within the rows of vineyards and orchards, being able to choose whether to proceed constantly in the center of the row or on one of the two sides of it, based on the size of the harvest and the space requirements between tractor + implement.

COBO VLN with a simple and functional architecture, can be installed on any type of tractor, grape harvester or self-propelled vehicle designed to operate in farms with a semi-structured layout, with the aim of transferring greater self-intelligence and automation to the vehicle already in service or on the market . Making existing construction machinery more precise and effective, fuel efficient and safe in work areas, brings immediate benefits to the table.


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