COBO Group develops the concept of complete and integrated Management System (Quality) through the following guidelines:

  • every company of the group must be a leader in its product field through the use of innovative technologies;

  • the position of leadership must be guaranteed through the excellence of quality and competitive costs.

  • provide a comprehensive solution that also includes the technical, logistical and organizational aspects;

  • focus on the aspects of post-sale and in general provide a service of excellence;

  • provide a support of technical-commercial consulting allowing the customer to transfer part of the necessary resources to the design.

These points allow to make the COBO Group processes and products closer to the image - and to the substance - we want to give to COBO Group toward the market, as a company with an intrinsic 'product and service quality', preserving competitive on the market for other competitive factors, such as price and time-to-market.





ISO 9001



ISO 14001





ISO 45001