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A wide range of solutions

COBO Spa (development and supply of integrated systems for the off-highway vehicle market) acquired in 2023 Ollar Sensors Srl, active in the development of sensors for mobile hydraulics and industrial automation.

The transaction has allowed COBO to further strengthen its position in sensors applied to the off-highway industry, a trend that is expected to develop significantly in the coming years, together with other megatrends in progress, such as electrification and autonomous driving of vehicles. Consequently, COBO obtains the availability of innovative and effective solutions developed by Ollar Sensors.

The incorporated product portfolio includes a wide range of solutions related to position sensors, aimed at complementing COBO's already wide range of products, solutions, and systems for the target market.






Specifically, the families initially introduced cover the following functions:

  • Inclination sensors for frame tilt or movable arm position, adaptable to static and dynamic applications.
  • Inertial sensors for condition monitoring.
  • Single-turn and absolute multi-turn rotary sensors for relative position of machine frame parts and implements.
  • Rotary position sensors for synchronous electric motors effective controlling.
  • Linear sensors to be placed inside the cylinder.
  • Distance and obstacle detection sensors through ultrasonic and radar technologies.





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