Kit Easy-Fit e Kit Agri 4.0 award

Two Kits at the Heart of Agricultural Innovation 4.0

January 2022




Produce more with less resources and therefore save costs for greater ecosustainability: KIT EASY-FIT AND KIT AGRI 4.0 RECEIVED THE EIMA AWARD 2021 - TECHNICAL INNOVATION.

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KIT EASY-FIT and KIT AGRI 4.0 are born as solutions to the most common problems of efficiency in agricultural business activities.

The recipe?

An intense and in-depth technological research project to offer two systems that are quick to install and immediately effective.


How many times would the agricultural entrepreneur like to contain the economic and environmental waste generated by the work of his own company! KIT EASY-FIT was developed with this objective in mind, to provide optimal performance of its vehicles, even older models, with fuel savings and CO2 emissions reduction.


KIT EASY-FIT is the soul of Isobus Green, an innovative concept presented at EIMA 2021 and developed by COBO.


It’s simple:


  • connect the tool and monitor its performance on the virtual touch screen terminal;
  • recognise the tool, set the optimal mode for work tasks;
  • operators, during their activity, will be able to control, through an intuitive graphic display, parameters such as PTO speed, engine speed and instant fuel consumption.


In this way it will be possible to improve the efficiency even of very simple or dated tools and vehicles.


But that is not all. Alongside the working speed, the operator can be sure that his activities will proceed according to the best recommended settings through the display of a clear, visible green graphic indicator on the terminal. All in real time!


Today's farmers rely exclusively on the operator's sensitivity and experience. Unfortunately, in all agriculture sectors, skilled workers are becoming harder to find. The KIT EASY-FIT tool is therefore the best option to support and enhance the farmers activities.


With our COBO ISOBUS technology, equipped with tailor made information displays, we can help less experienced operators to get better results for effective processing, at the lowest cost and environmental impact.



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Further information:


> Video presentation


> PDF presentation


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COBO has expanded its research on the efficiency of agricultural activities and on safety protocols, always looking to the future for continuous improvement and above all to the needs of the company and the worker.


KIT AGRI 4.0 is the result. Installed on board, it is compliant with 4.0 certification:


  • the agricultural entrepreneur will be able to have his company continuously under control;
  • the system makes it possible to automatically recognize which and to what extent tools are used in the various processes, day by day;
  • The farmer will be able to have complete traceability of resources and the correct allocation of costs


It will therefore be easier and more immediate to measure the profitability of your land, your resources, to estimate the importance of your customers, the yield of used resources and the investments made or to be planned.


All collected data can be viewed by the user via the web interface and made conveniently available wherever you are: sitting at your desk, from your tablet or even from home. The system is able to send all the information of field work activities in encrypted form, directly to the COBO INTOUCH AGRI cloud, via the UMTS data communication channel.


The COBO INTOUCH AGRI portal allows you to monitor your vehicles employed in the work in progress at any time, their position on the map, the dashboard in real time and for each vehicle it is possible to recognize the operator and the connected implement.


In a few seconds, for each work area it is possible to carry out an analysis of resources and costs, which tractors and implements were used, by which operators, for how many hours, with fuel consumption data.


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Further information:


> Video presentation


> PDF presentation


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