Kit Easy-Fit

Easy-Fit Kit for the Isobus Green deal

February 2021



How to make digital every tractor or implement, even the oldest ones and without any electronics on board?


The answer is COBO EASY-FIT KIT, the core of Isobus Green.

Presented during the digital preview of Eima exhibition and developed by COBO in collaboration with the Ideagri consortium, Isobus Green is an innovative concept that allows you to collect data and monitor work parameters, optimizing the efficiency of implements and vehicles no matter they are basic or aged.


It is the idea to produce more with fewer resources, greater eco-sustainability with a cost saving. For this reason, KIT EASY-FIT together with KIT AGRI 4.0 received the Eima Technical Novelty Award '20-21 and will be presented at the EIMA International exhibition  in October this year.

Award Eima 20-21  


EASY-FIT KIT is an added value that brings quality and the attention to details that is need for a Green evolution with:

  • Environmentally minded, avoiding overuse and keeping tools at maximum efficiency.
  • Farm accuracy: science and care also in the vineyards, orchard and olive grove, which so far have stayed relatively on the margins of the Isobus revolution but finally will start to benefit from this technology.

EASY-FIT KIT transforms any silent tool into Isobus, with extraordinary results on data collection (hour meter, hectare counter), proper tool usage and predictive maintenance. An easy way to increase competitiveness and economic return.


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Kit Easy Fit



Kit Easy-Fit