CEO COBO Enrico Linetti

COBO to help families in the area

February 2021

Il Melograno childcareIl Melograno childcare





A new little dream is realized with the virtual inauguration, in pandemic times, of Leno’s new childcare “Il Melograno”, available to the community starting January 2021.


A strong help for the well-being of Leno and surrounding area families. This project keeps some spot available for the children of COBO employees, to help with the balance between work and family time. For the little ones, a new place is finally available and is equipped with every service, a cozy crib started from the need to expand the limited number of available spots in the previous nursery homed in the same building of the nursery school of Leno.

In this way started the collaboration and synergy between Leno Municipal Administration, COBO and Cassa Padana. The mayor Cristina Tedaldi, underlines how the strong synergy between public and private companies can produce wonderful results to improve the quality of life of citizens and workers, of which the new childcare is an example.

Il Melograno childcare plaque

COBO CEO Enrico Linetti


Cassa Padana has provided the room and furniture on a twenty-year free loan. COBO took care of technical support: design and executive construction, as well as support to the City of Leno for the tender drafting and publication; the Cooperative “Il Gabbiano” has been awarded the day by day operations and childcare construction.

A new project is in the pipeline already. Where now concrete pavement is placed down, soon a new green backyard will be available for the outdoor time of the little guests!