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January 2017




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Last December 1st, during the XI edition of China Awards, COBO Group got an important award as Value Creator Company in China, in the presence of the Italian Ambassador in China, Ettore Francesco Sequi, of the President of the Italy – China Foundation, Cesare Romiti and the Foundation Executive Vice President, Diana Bracco.

During the event, the Italian and Chinese organizations which better seized the opportunities given by the two markets have been rewarded, giving visibility to the mostly unknown by the public at large several achievements.

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The reason behind the reward assigned to COBO among the other prized  Value Creator Companies  was summarized as: “COBO, since its establishment in early fifties, based its success on three basic factors: high-tech  products, advanced services and development into the international markets. In order to meet these requirements, the  Group progressively increased till its current structure, made by eleven manufacturing plants (four of which abroad), five branches and a coming up Branch Office in India. In this scenario, Guangzhou establishment is one of the main strengths for the COBO Group future development, enabling it to offer products and services which can be suitable for a so important market for its future”.


The attained award is more valuable knowing that Italy – China Foundation, since fifteen years, pursues the creation of the most efficient matching among people, goods, services and capitals between the two Countries, finding excellences – both Italian and Chinese – that distinguish themselves in these domains.

Belonging to these excellences, for our Group, means to get a real “certification” of the vision, quality and properness of the strategic choices consistently made with the industrial philosophy COBO is inspired by since its very beginning.  

Dr. Enrico Linetti, who received the Prize during the Milanese night, answered the traditional question which is asked in similar situations, that is “which risks does he see expanding his Company into such a difficult market and context”..


“China passed from a rapid and tumultuous development stage to the next where evolution became a step-by-step process, always more inspired by trading partners very selective choice criteria – said Dr. Linetti – and the target is to make the Chinese market become a kind of technological hub for its internal development and neighboring markets’. We are working on these points, which appear to be critical, to better understand such a far and solid culture of this big Country and the choices they are making, being sure that from difficulties an opportunity will arise for COBO Group to find its place in such a core market for the far east future.”



With that belief, coming from an all-time and consolidated capacity to make the best choices in the most complicated situations, today recognized by CHINA AWARD 2016, too, our Group focus on moving on the markets, especially foreign ones, which are becoming this third millennium industry strategic junctions. This aim is pursued with the strength of innovation, with the strong bond to the Company and its all around the world 1500 co-workers continuously willing to improve themselves.

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