Global solutions for the vehicle market

from "Il Sole 24 Ore" - July,27th 2016

And the new frontier is the provision of services


articolo giornale cobo

The Cobo Group's objectives are ever more ambitious: to increasingly be a leading designer, developer, and supplier of global solutions and integrated systems for the off-highway vehicles market. The company, headquartered in Leno in the Italian province of Brescia, has a long history.

It was 1949 when the company began to develop innovative products, an ability which has allowed Cobo to grow steadily ever since. The core business has always been linked to agricultural and earth moving machinery. Now the commitment is to develop increasingly advanced products in a sector which traditionally lags behind with respect to the automotive market.

Cobo Group designs, develops and supplies components for trucks, forklifts, earth moving equipment, agricultural machinery, military vehicles, mobile machinery, systems for boats, components for recreational vehicles, and cabin components such as controls and instrumentation, lights, lamps, seats, and buzzer systems.

The need for technological evolution is critical today and for this reason Cobo is aiming to stand out from its competitors. Despite increasingly fierce competition, Cobo has a wealth of experience, expertise, and know-how to support its objectives. Indeed the company is the forerunner in the reference market with entire ranges of innovative products. In its automotive division, Cobo Group works primarily with motorcycle manufacturers developing advanced designs to be presented when the market is mature.

In the agricultural or earth moving vehicles sector, Cobo Group has developed different LED lights designs. The market related to motorcycles and tractors has points in common: they have to deal with air, water, dust, and vibrations. Cobo Group is also committed to the service sector. Thanks to remote support technologies, electronic devices are able to connect the machines to the network, and to a cloud.

This enables the provision of remote support in the most diverse situations, anytime, anywhere. And thus the new frontier becomes the provision of services.