COBO Wins 2015 Mechatronics Italian Award

January 2016


Italian Meccatronica Award 2015: Cobo wins the ninth edition of the award given by Unindustria Reggio Emilia



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The President of Unindustria Reggio Emilia, Mauro Severi, and the President of the Club della Meccatronica, Maurizio Brevini, presented the Awards at the end-of-year meeting of the Reggio Emilia industrialists.

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For all of us working in the Group winning this award is a reason to be very proud, to pride ourselves on achieving premium results. Paradoxically, we some times may not fairly appreciate the true value of such results, and this may be because excellence is the motto of our daily work.

The 2015 Italian Meccatronica Award has clearly recognised and asserted the level of innovation the COBO projects have reached. And we are certain that this level will be higher in the future.

To be presented with such a prestigious award is, as I said, a reason to be very proud and feel satisfied, but it is a huge responsibility as well. It entails the responsibility to confirm a corresponding performance in the market.

We accept this new challenge with the professionalism, care and enthusiasm that are the pillars of the spirit of the workers of our plant, the marks left by a business vision that is firmly strengthened and always looks ahead into the future.

 Banner Premio Meccatronica 2015 Reggio Emilia, 16th December, 2015 – The Ninth edition of the Italian Club Meccatronica Award, organised and promoted by Unindustria Reggio Emilia in collaboration with Club della Meccatronica, was bestowed upon Cobo, the Brescia-headquartered Group that is a leader in the manufacture and design of electric parts for agricultural machinery, industrial vehicles, cars and motorcycles.

The Scientific Committee met during the last weeks in Reggio Emilia and awarded the prize to Cobo for their mechatronics solutions which have helped develop innovative products that create a positive discontinuity in the sector.

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Cobo was presented with the award “For having designed and implemented innovative technical solutions with the aim of simplifying and enhancing the safety of operators when working with their tools and equipment. For their leading role worldwide in the development and supply of electronic and electromechanical parts and systems for agricultural machines, industrial vehicles, cars and motorcycles. And in particular for having created a series of innovative mechatronics products, among them the latest “Integrated” steering column, a device which centralises the driving controls of cutting-edge vehicles and that, in the “steer by wire” version, turns the steering wheel into a real sensor that sends the necessary information to the control unit. These results have been achieved thanks to continuous investments in research, technological innovation and high quality of products".

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Chaired by Mauro Severi, President of Unindustria Reggio Emilia, the Scientific Committee is composed by Maurizio Brevini, President of Club Meccatronica, Luca De Biase, Editor-in-Chief of Nòva 24 – Il Sole 24 Ore, Cesare Fantuzzi, Professor at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Enzo Rullani, Professor at Venice International University, and Auro Palomba, President of Community Group, who is the secretary. The prize-giving ceremony was held at the Loris Malaguzzi International Centre in Reggio Emilia, as part of the Conference called "2016 - Respond to change. Revitalise businesses and the Region”.

With a turnover of 250 million Euros in 2014, about 70% of which accounts for exports, and 1500 employees worldwide, Cobo is among the leaders in the manufacture and design of electric parts for agricultural machinery, industrial vehicles, cars and motorcycles. The aim of the Brescia-based group is to ascend in the market of integrated solutions and supplies for off-highway vehicles, focusing on four main guidelines: To provide added value to every type of machines; to reduce components and enhance performance; to invest in hi-tech, understood as a “technological boost”; to work on new integrated systems. The attention of the Scientific Committee is focused precisely on this last point. They have identified in the automated control system for the drive control the innovative solution that sets distinctive competitive advantages in international markets.

The other companies that reached the final, selected with the aid of Nòva 24 – Il Sole 24 Ore, media partner of the project are: Fidia, a major Turin company that manufactures milling systems; Galdi, enterprise from Treviso specialised in the manufacture of filling machines for the food sector; InterPuls, a Reggio Emilia manufacturer of components and systems of milking plants; Mbl Solutions, the company based in Bari that specialises in robotics and machines for automation.

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