UT2.0 Certification for Tera12 Display

May 2015

After many years of investments in reasearch and development, Cobo spa is proud to announce that we have got a first important recognition of our efforts from AEF (Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation), the organization set up by the world's leading agricolture machinery manufacturers, in order to create and introduce a standardization process in this field.

With satisfaction we inform that in date April 2015, 17th one of our main products named Tera 12 has became the first 12” display certified as a class 2.0 Universal Terminal (UT 2.0) compliant with ISOBUS 11783 standard.

 TERA 12 Fronte 07Tera 12 Display  ComplianceCertification UTper Tera12 

Our company has been involved for many years in the field of advanced technologies for agriculture.
The constant commitment in this branch, made us aware that the future of agricultural automation is the design of products able to integrate the functions of the machineries, mainly through ISOBUS standard.
For this reasons, we believe this goal is very important, but it’s only a step towards the creation of a most complete range of products suitable for the most advanced standards.