Colour Dashboard

from "InMoto" / October 2014


imm02 2014 10 07 - inmoto - cruscotto a coloriOctober 2014 "InMoto" magazine

imm01 2014 10 07 - inmoto - cruscotto a coloriThe colour dashboard by COBO Group

The COBO Group specialises in the design and manufacture of electrical/ electronic components, targeted at industrial vehicles and agricultural machinery. The Group has been displaying its products at the EICMA Trade Fair since 2010. «The 'revolutionary' product in the history of our company? The colour TFT dashboard of the Ducati Panigale, without the slightest doubt», answers engineer Carlo Linetti, marketing and commercial director of COBO Group. «This technology is not so easy to apply, and the Ducati Panigale is the first motorbike to use it on the main cluster, that is the main dashboard. This also gave Cobo the chance to enter a new market- the two-wheel world. That was back in 2011 and our product was introduced at EICMA at the same time the motorbike was. I would say that the results were 'excellent' since the Fair meant for COBO, a company unknown to the industry at that time, the perfect showcase to attain international visibility».